Elmes KB1 lisäkäyttölaite Katso suurempana

Elmes KB1 lisäkäyttölaite


Wireless keypad Elmes KB1 is designed for optional arming/disarming of security alarm systems based on Elmes CB32/CBP32 control panels as well as for use with Elmes rolling-code receivers in remote control systems. The keypad functions like a hand transmitter/remote and can replace up to 16 remotes with 1, 2 or 4 buttons each or, be used with remotes simultaneously.

Modes of operation. After entering one of up to 16 passwords (3 to 8 digits each) the keypad sends wirelessly control code assigned to the password. There are two types of passwords:

1) Single-channel type password. After entering a valid password followed by # keypad sends control code to alarm control panel or receiver’s output channel which corresponds to 1-button remote use.

2) Multi-channel type password. After entering a valid password followed by # keypad awaits 8 seconds for further selection of control channel 1, 2, 3 or 4 to which control code will be send. It corresponds to the use of one selected button of four buttons remote. To exit password input anytime press * button.



Hopping code radio transmission (433.92 MHz band, <5mW) with 100m operating range in open field;
16 passwords memory (3 to 8 digits) each with different code corresponding to 16 1-,2-,4 button remotes;
Standby current:1,5mA, in transmission: 10mA;
Power: 2 x 1.5V AAA type batteries with typical 10 years operation and low battery green LED indication;
Keypad box open or remove sabotage alarm by multi alarm transmissions;
Indoor operation only with temperature range 0C to +55C.
External dimensions (l/w/h) 86/86/23 mm;


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