Rele AWZ622 Katso suurempana

AWZ622 P1 relekortti

Relekortti, 1 vaihtokärki.


Pulsar AWZ622

Jännite: 10÷14VDC
Releitä: 1x REL-C/NO/NC, 1A@30VDC/50VAC

The P1 (AWZ 622) relay module is to be used in low-voltage installations. It is intended for controlling
and status indication in e.g. alarm or access control systems. It may be used to control devices of high power
consumption via OC outputs of alarm systems. Moreover, it ensures galvanic isolation of signals, power
sources relating to the outputs of the module.

Supply voltage module 12V (10VDC÷14VDC)
Current consumption 20 mA max.
Number of relays 1
Voltage of the relay’s
30VDC / 50VAC max.
Current of the relay’s
contacts 1A max.
Operating conditions 2nd environmental class -10°C÷ 50°C
Dimensions L=30, W=27, H=18 [mm, +/-2]
Net/gross weight 0,02 / 0,03 [kg]
Installation Installation tape
Notes leads on connections: Ø 0,41÷1,63 (AWG 26-14),
(AWG 26-14), 0,2÷1mm2


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