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AWZ516 PC1 aikaviive relekortti



Pulsar AWZ516

Jännite: 10÷16VDC

The PC1 time module is a transceiver allowing execution of time-logic programs. The device is characterized by
versatility, high accuracy of the measured time based on the crystal oscillator and the possibility of its precise and
repeatable adjustment. The relay can be used to extend short control impulses, e.g. controlling the operation locks,
electromagnetic jumpers, bistable control, etc. The relay is used in automation and control circuits and access control
projects, with logical dependencies on the state of: the controller, door opening sensor (reed switch), exit button, etc.

Supply voltage 10 V÷ 16V DC
Current consumption 20 mA/65 mA (inactive/ active relay) (±5%)
S+ input 10÷16V DC control
S- input 0V (GND) control
R- input 0V (GND) control
The number of time-logic
(The possibility of implementing additional time-logic programs on
Time ranges 0,1s ÷ 100h (stored in the EEPROM memory)
Number of relays 1
Maximum switching voltage 250V AC /30V DC
Maximum switching current 10A
The maximum contact
resistance <100 mOhm
Optical indication - LEDs
- 7-segment, double LED display
Operating conditions II environmental class,
-10°C ÷ 40°C, relative humidity 20%...90% no condensation
Dimensions L=120, W=43, H=22 [mm, +/-2]
Mounting mounting tape or mounting screws x2 (holes Ć 3mm)
Terminals Ф0,51mm÷2,05mm (AWG 24-12)
Net/Gross Weight 0,060 /0,11 [kg]


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