Pyronix UR2-WE Two-way Wireless Universal Receiver Katso suurempana

Pyronix UR2-WE Two-way Wireless Universal Receiver

Connect Enforcer two-way wireless devices to ALL brands of wired control panels with an arm/disarm output
Now with walk test mode and active input indication



Input and output expanders technical characteristics
Plastic housing Yes
Tamper protection Yes
Fault signalling (dedicated output relay) 1
System ARM/DISARM input 1
Alarm indication (7 segment display) 1
Alarm Relay 2

Enforcer two-way wireless technology
Signal Strength Indicators (SSI) Yes
Instant two way device control (ITDC) Yes
Pyronix high security two way wireless data encryption protocol Yes
Pyronix intelligent jamming detection Yes
Wireless supervision time (fixed 2 hours) Yes
868MHz transceiver FM technology Yes
Tranmission method Fully encrypted rolling code
Transmission range 300m in open space

Inputs & outputs
Channels 2 (each can support either keyfobs or detectors, not both at the same time)
Two-way wireless inputs 10 per channel
Two-way wireless keyfobs 6 per channel

Environmental and operating features
Storage temperature -40C to +80C
Nominal operating temperature -10C to +50C
Physical dimensions (H x W x D) 173 x 125 x 32mm | PCB 135 x 90 x 15mm

Electrical & battery
Operating voltage 9V 15V
Quiescent current consumption 80mA
Relay outputs 3A @ 30VDC

Certifications and warranty
Environmental class II
Electrical conformity CE


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